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No joke. All you need is your own instrument (to practice on) and a bit of free time (for practice at home). You do not need to bring an instrument to lessons (I have several good ones for you to play while you’re with me), you do not need an amp (again, I have several tasty ones), you do not need any books, and most importantly you do not need to know how to read music.

What you DO need is a passion for music, and a passion for the guitar. It doesn’t matter if its electric or acoustic, it doesn’t matter if its steel string or nylon string. It doesn’t matter if you love rock or jazz, country or blues. What matters is that it’s your guitar and you want to play it. It’s your music and you want to participate – and well you should.

I can help. I am a professional guitarist (40 years experience) turned teacher for the past four years. I have performed locally and internationally, completed four world tours, played for and with countless other great artists. My rates are reasonable and within the market standards ($25 per half hour lesson for adults, $20 per half hour lesson for students 12 and under.)

Tommy Marshall

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